What Is Most Critical In Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

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Many of us are used to the saying, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/pain-relief/stop-snoring-complete-guide/ Our body is the integral physical material of an individual and it is very intelligent by itself, being a gift from God. But how many of us know exactly what is expected of us to maintain a healthy body and what do we need to do to keep our body healthy.

The physical and mental parts of a healthy individual are the most vital aspects that each and every one of us needs to know. Good bodily health is achieved through regular exercise, proper diet and nutrition as well as allowing it to rest sufficiently for recovery. The body is capable of repair as and when it is resting and it is because of this that every individual needs the required number of hours of sleep everyday. We refer an individual’s emotional and psychological well-being as that mental part that complements the physical element in attaining a healthy body.

To achieve a healthy body, there are indeed four general determining factors which are used as a guide. The human biology, everyday lifestyle, availability of healthcare services and the environment play a big part in it.

Today’s availability of advanced health care application alone is not to be relied upon solely to achieve a healthy body. The individual’s choice for the type of lifestyle may offset the former as no amount of medical advancement in the field of health science is able to keep abreast with the negative lifestyles one chooses. He/she must put in determined efforts in order for these two elements to jive along.

Nutrition is an everyday debate amongst all the nutritionists worldwide. Many had advocated a balanced nutritional diet is most ideal. Our daily intake of food today is tainted with so much of chemicals that is beyond our imagination, though many had been approved for use within the food industry. A healthy diet is now questionable in our mind. The intriguing question is, “How much can our body take anymore with the daily bombardment of such chemicals?”. It is known that 75,000 synthetic chemicals are in our environment that were previously not present before 1940. Food is often harvested while still green, leaving out the precious nutrients normally developed in the ripening process. Vegetables contain herbicides and pesticides. Meat, diary products and poultry are treated with antibiotics and growth hormones which may find their way into the human body in one way or another. Food is highly processed with artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Thus a nutritional diet, though professed by the many dietitians, is no longer a guarantee to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The environment to day is getting from bad to worse and very often we hear of climate change arising from our own doing. No one can claim that he/she is not affected by the environment one is exposed to. Pollution today is unavoidable unless we take an active role in tackling it with the earnest efforts. Our body is not immune to such hazards as the air we breathe and the water we consume cannot be totally free from toxic.

In summary, no one is immune to the health threats of the 21st century and the increasing number of human beings contracting terminal diseases speaks for it. Today’s leading causes of death comprises of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, medical errors as the result of wrong diagnosis, and pharmaceutical drugs.