Top Smoked Turkey Recipe Online


Smoking meat is an age old tradition in cooking which has survived and perhaps got more popular over time. It’s pretty easy to see why because the results are incredible. Smoking meat takes time but the result is succulent, tender and tasty meat which everybody loves.

Smoked turkey slicedElectric smokers have changed the game in the kitchen. Traditional smokers produced great results but weren’t practical with the modern era. The time consuming nature of the process meant that people just didn’t have the time to smoke meat and create fantastic smoked turkey like in the recipe below.

Traditional wood and charcoal smokers have their benefits and add great flavour, but maintaining the temperature and smoke density is a challenge and keeps the process very hands on. Electric smokers remove the need for constant supervision and instead let you set the temperature and smoke levels before hand. This let’s you put your meat in and then leave it to cook. Electric smokers have essentially made smoking meat possible in busy households again.

There are a number of electric smokers around, but for smoked turkey we’d recommend a larger model that will allow the turkey to fit.

The key to created the ultimate smoked turkey is to take the time to prepare the meat before hand. By seasoning correctly and basting the turkey you’ll keep the meat moist and tender for the end. The full smoked turkey recipe is detailed below but see our tips for creating the best smoked turkey.


Preparing the turkey is one of the most important steps. You’ll want to use the spices and salt to create a rub and cover the turkey. This will let the flavour soak into the meat and season it all the way through. A wet rub will stick better to the skin of the turkey and create better flavours.


While smoking your turkey you’ll want to provide a constant infusion of flavour by basting the turkey. This will keep the meat moist while it slowly cooks in the electric smoker. Turkey won’t require as much smoking as red meat and using mild wood smoke will give the best results.

Smoked turkey isn’t difficult but the results are incredible. Check out the full recipe: