Natural Remedies for Warts

Natural Remedies

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Warts

Warts are one of those really irritating ailments which don’t really cause any serious medical issues but can still have a huge impact on our daily lives. They can cause embarrassment and can be quite unsightly so we try and hide them away without properly dealing with them.

Part of the reason they can be so embarrassing is because they come with a stigma. Traditionally associated with witches, but often associated with being unclean, warts are something we all try to avoid and if you’ve got one you want rid of it as soon as possible.

Despite the negative connotations and embarrassment, warts are very common with all age groups and genders. They can appear anywhere on the body, even in the most intimate regions and annoyingly they can spread between people. They do eventually heal on their own but this can take a long time.

There are a number of treatments available over the counter but there can be side effects. People are now looking for natural alternatives in the form of essential oils. Essential oils have been shown to be effective at treating other problems and succeeding where traditional medicine falls down.

What Causes Warts

Warts are actually an infection that’s affecting your body. This infection is a variation of the HPV virus which infects the top layer of the skin and causes the wart to rise up. The HPV virus has over 100 different variations and it’s therefore difficult to protect against. Warts can occur all over the body but most commonly occur on the hands and feet.

A small scratch is all it takes for your skin to become infected, which is what makes warts so common and infectious. Once infected you’ll see small lumps appear on the skin and often they’ll clump together.

Medical treatments often look like creams or gels, but natural remedies are becoming more popular because of their effectiveness. It’s almost impossible to protect against warts but the right essential oil can work wonders on removing them.

Using Essential Oils to Treat Warts

Essential oils are readily available and effective at what they do. There’s been a lot of essential oils designed to deal with skin complaints like eczema and now there are some on the market specifically made to treat warts.

In order to find the most effective treatment and the best essential oils you should look for the following key ingredients:

Cinnamon Bark

A fairly specialised ingredient, cinnamon bark is often used in natural remedies for it’s healing properties. It can help with weight loss and control your blood sugar levels. It’s remarkably effective at treating skin conditions and it’s antiviral and anti inflammatory properties make it very effective at treating warts.


Clove is another essential oil known for it’s antiviral properties. Clove is also antibacterial, antifungal and an anti inflammatory which makes it particularly well suited at treating warts. Cloves have been used in healing for generations and is definitely something to look out for when treating warts and verrucas.

A combination of these ingredients could allow you to be wart free very quickly. For the best results check out the Oilingpoint Wart Treatment.