3 Household Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Even if you’re not trying to sell your home right now, you should think about your home’s value. Not only can that help you get a better price when you do decide to sell it down the road, but you can also make water damage Brisbane it more valuable as collateral should you need it. That means making room in your household budget for upgrades and repairs that can make a difference.

The kicker: many of these upgrades will not only increase the value of your home, but will also reduce your monthly bills. The upgrade might cost several hundred dollars, but you’ll recoup some of that money every month through lower heating and cooling, and electricity bills.

1. New Roof

Your roof acts as a protective shell for your house. In that role it absorbs plenty of damage. In order for it to continue functioning as a protective shell, homeowners need to upgrade it periodically. That can be as simple as a re-shingling. Thankfully, newly laid shingles can also help keep heat and air conditioning inside the house. The less that escapes through the roof, the less it costs you on your monthly energy bill.

Want to improve your roof, save some money, and potentially increase the value of your home? Try adding solar modules.

There are many reasons to boost the value of your home, even if you don\’t intend to sell any time soon. This means spending some money now to make money later. But homeowners also stand to save now when they upgrade certain household appliances.
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They can help you save on your electricity bill. Buyers might not think they look all that great, but they’ll think again when you show them how much lower your monthly bills have become.

2. Water heater

Of all the necessary appliances in a home, the water heater is the most volatile. A good water heater can last about a decade, and during that decade it can break down any number of times. Water heater repair is not cheap, either. Thankfully, there is an option for homeowners that lasts longer and works more efficiently than traditional water heaters.

Tankless water heaters save energy. Instead of keeping a 100-gallon water tank warm at all times, tankless heaters provide on-demand hot water. That is, it only heats the water when it is needed. That can save you big on your electricity bill. Additionally, tankless heaters are more durable, lasting up to twice as long as tank heaters. Prospective buyers will appreciate the lower bills and the lack of need to replace the heater.

3. Water filters

Anyone who lives in an area that has hard water knows its perils. It doesn’t taste good. It makes showering a chore. It doesn’t work well with the laundry. You can buy a pitcher that contains a filter for drinking water, but what about all the other negative aspects? Believe it or not, household water filtration can come in quite handy.

By hooking up a filter to the entire household’s water supply, home owners can rid their home of the perils of hard water. That makes showers more enjoyable, makes laundry smell fresher, and makes water more drinkable. It might not sound like a big home value booster, but it really does make a difference. Just ask anyone who lives in a home with hard water. They’d certainly value a home with soft water over others.

Dustin Morning is a freelance writer who specializes in retail in general, and gadgets in specific. His background includes a half decade as a manager at Walmart.